We’re just a group of people that love to bike, enjoy our city, and connect with one another.

Our Mission is to Promote and Encourage cycling as a lifestyle.

Bike West Palm Beach (BikeWPB) is a community project led by Juan Orellana. “I just want everyone to ride a bike, you cannot ride a bicycle and not have a big smile on your face.”

“My life mission is to change the world locally, where it matters to me and my family.” He was the general manager of Skybike (WPB Bike Share system), part owner of Bike Station at Elizabeth Ave Station, Owner of CPO Bikes (Certified Pre-Owned Bicycles), and Board Member of Connect WPB (Advocacy group for Pedestrians, cyclist and public space).

He lives, breathes, dreams bicycles all day long.

“As the founding member of Bike WPB, I realize that a bicycle is a tool the community can use to solve multiple problems at the same time. Like any movement, I can not do it alone.” – Juan