I was in Delray and saw this amazing art about a bicycle. I knew we had to display it up here in West Palm. We spoke about how Bike Station is making cycling more welcoming to everyone as a real source of transportation and life change.

We believe that by integrating art into the bicycle we will touch everyone heart and start making cycling more friendly to everyone. Here is the story about Move365Art.com

Move 365 art was born as an idea, a concept for a unique kind of art; we are inspired by outdoor activities that make you move out of your comfort zone. Our art is a mixture of recycled metals and wood that we like to combine with colorful ropes.
Our hope is that every time you look at one of our sculptures, it will remind you how good it feels to be outdoors. We start with bike riding pieces, but there are other adventures to come.
Go to Bike Station @ Elizabeth Ave and check out the art
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